Show Notes:

There is no other kind of hunting like spring turkey, or as it is formally called, spring gobbler. I think turkey hunting is a good enough reason to start hunting by itself, and you should try doing it! On today’s episode I talk about how I was introduced to turkey hunting, why it is my favorite type of hunting, and why you should do it too!

Take Aways:

  • Spring is beautiful, it is a wonderful time of year to be outside. Everything comes alive, and spring gobbler season gives you a reason to get out there and hunt one of the most lively animals in the woods during that time of year.
  • Hunting gobblers is active, invigorating, and skillful. You move, you listen, you call, and the birds call back. It’s a ton of fun!
  • It is usually a half day hunt, or a morning hunt so it fits easily into your schedule.
  • It’s a lighter type of  hunting, you don’t need to carry much with you, you can walk further, and turkey’s are not that heavy so it is easy to carry them back.
  • Because you can cover a lot of ground, you can explore, see new places, and scout out places to hunt other game.
  • Spring is warmer, which is more comfortable, and cheaper to dress for.
  • You are used to eating and preparing turkeys. Once the bird is skinned, you are familiar with how to work with it, so it is an easy entry point compared to say butchering a deer.
  • Turkey calling is a fun skill that is easy to start doing but so deep that you can spend a lifetime improving and developing in it.
  • In my opinion, turkey hunting can make you better at many other kinds of hunting because so many of the skills translate to other types of game.