Show Notes:

In most situations, crow hunting is a game of hiking and stealth. You need gear that will enable you to easily cover ground and then remain undetected once you start calling.  On this episode, I talk about the basic gear you want for crow hunting.

Take Aways:

  • Footwear – I recommend some medium hiking style boosts that you can cover different types of terrain easily with. Heavy insulated boots aren’t needed because most of the time you won’t be sitting in one spot for very long.
  • Socks – This depends a lot on the season, but generally you need lighter socks than for hunting from a still position because you will be moving regularly.
  • Pants – A camo outer layer is needed, black or brown are the next best options
  • Jacket – Camo is best, and the weight depends on the season. A heavy coat is needed for winter, and a long sleeve t-shirt might be best for summer. 
  • Gloves – Light camo gloves for warm weather and heavier for cold weather.  Usually I end up using the light gloves in the cold too because depending on how much you walk, you may stay plenty warm.
  • Face – Some kind of face covering is important, you want to hid as much skin as possible.  
  • Head – Camo hats are easy to come buy, have one of every type of weather.
  • Backpack – A pack is important to hold your calls, water, umbrella, snacks, and anything else you might need.
  • Seat – Something light that can hang from your pack or belt is ideal to help you stay dry no matter where you site and make hunting a little more comfortable.