Show Notes:

The deer attractants, scents, and lore’s industry is enormous and confusing and there are big marketing budgets trying to get your attention.  On today’s episode I talk about the fundamental things new hunters need to know about this subject to be successful.

Take Aways:

  • Remember, there are things deer need, deer like, and deer are intrigued by.
  • The best attractants focus on what deer need and like.
  • The less helpful attractants focus on what intrigue deer.
  • If you can find out what deer must have and use it to your advantage you will have the best chance for success.
  • It is true that bucks are looking for does during the rut. But there is something else they are looking for on those days, and every other day before and after.
  • Remember, the value of an attracting scent can be overridden by the liability of the human scent you leave behind trying to spread it.