Show Notes:

Pheasant hunting takes much less specialized gear than many other types of hunting. On this episode I talk about the basic guns and gear you need to get started hunting pheasants.

Take Aways:

  • The most important thing to keep in mind is staying light on your feet. You will be covering a lot of ground and the more you carry and wear the harder it will be.
  • When it comes to shotguns, the best gun to start with is usually the one you already own.
  • Before you start shelling out cash for guns and gear, get into the woods and get some experience to find out what features you value.
  • Its easy to wrap up deer season and want to overdress for late season pheasant, but because you are moving so much it is very easy to stay warm. Take extra layers you can add if you get cold.
  • Wear orange even if you don’t have to, people are crazy, staying safe is paramount.