Show Notes:

Hunting for deer antler sheds is fun and rewarding and it can be enjoyed by the whole family. On this episode I talk about five reasons to get out and make the most of this great past time. I also cover some of the basics of how antlers grow and what we can learn from them.

Take Aways:

    • Antlers have intrinsic value but they also have cultural value. Throughout history they have been sought after.
    • Deer antlers have a lot of uses, perhaps more today than ever before.
    • Make sure to review your local laws about whether it is legal to buy, sell, or trade antlers. 
    • Finding sheds gives you very helpful and unique hunting intelligence that cannot be learned otherwise in most cases.
    • In some areas antler sheds can be devoured by squirrels and other animals within days, while in other habitats they may survive for months or longer. So periodic scouting throughout the prime season is ideal.
    • In most parts of the country, prime antler shed season for deer is mid January to mid March.
    • Antler sheds give you a great picture of the diversity of buck ages in a given area.
    • It is best to scout for sheds when there is no snow on the ground unless the snow has been there for a long time and fresh sheds may be laying on top of it.