Show Notes:

Turkeys are a wily and wary adversary, but like all animals they need and like certain things to thrive. On this episode I talk about small, practical, and cost effective things you can do on your land to improve your turkey hunting habitat.

Turkeys Need:

  • Food, just like you.
  • Water, in many areas they will drink daily.
  • Roosting trees, even mythical birds need to sleep.
  • Cover, they need places to hide and feel secure, else they will run from your property every time they feel afraid.
  • Elevation, they are called upland birds for a reason. They will tolerate some wetlands but they are not ducks!
  • Mature hardwoods, they like big open forested areas, as long as they feel safe.
  • Clearings, they like open spaces where they can search for food and socialize.
  • Safety, they don’t want to be around people or predator’s.
  • Each other, where the hens are, the gobblers will follow.
  • Did I mention food?

Find out the top three habitat improvements that new hunters can make with the most efficiency and cost effectiveness on this episode.