Show Notes:

With modern day broadheads it is hard to go wrong in what you select, but certain types of broadheads may be better for certain kinds of whitetail deer hunting and for new hunters. On this episode I talk about the different types of broadheads and the factors that go into making the best decision of what you should get started with.

Take Aways

  • Field Tips. These are rounded or pointed practice arrow heads, not usable for hunting but they work great on a target.
  • Fixed Position Broadheads. These are your standard firm configuration, the modern titanium equivalent to the stone arrow heads used in ancient times.
  • Mechanical Broadheads. These look like a field tip but the blades expand out on impact with the target.
  • Hybrid Broadheads. These have moderate fixed blades with expanded blades that pop out on impact.
  • Each type of broadhead has pros and cons. Listen to the episode to sort through those factors to pick the one that is best for you.