Show Notes:

While prevailing wisdom says sitting in trees or on the ground is the most effective way to hunt whitetails, it is certainly not the only effective way to hunt. On this episode I talk about the strategies and ideal circumstances that can help make still hunting an effective tool in your deer hunting toolbox.

There are several situations when still hunting is the best way for you to hunt, such as:

  • When there are no trees or good locations for blinds.
  • You are exploring new territory.
  • You just hate sitting to hunt.
  • You get tired of sitting.
  • You get cold, sore, hungry or impatient sitting.
  • You are moving from a morning hunting area to an evening area.
  • It’s fun. Even if your chances of success are a little lower, what good is a miserable hunt with better odds?

To maximize your chances of success still hunting you should:

  • Always walk into the wind, either directly or at an angle.
  • Be as quiet as possible. You do not need to be 100% silent, but you cannot make more noise than a deer walking.
  • Always be ready. Always have your weapon in your hand so you can shoulder it and fire without delay, movement, or noise.

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