Show Notes:

If there is one official hurdle to getting started in hunting it is the hunters safety course. The course isn’t hard, but figuring out how and where to take it, and what is the official course for your state can be more challenging that most people think, especially because lots of online education companies claim to be offering something that sounds like what you want. But they are not certified by the game commission in your state to give you the certificate you need to get your first hunting license. 

This episode will help you navigate the hurdles and get you or the person you are helping into the woods quickly and painlessly. Plus it will help you get the most out of the opportunity that taking this course provides, after all, you are in a room full of other hunters and future hunters, you can really benefit from the connections you make here.

Key Take Aways:

  • Always attend your safety course in person when possible, it’s a great opportunity to network, meet local hunters, and try to find information about where you can hunt.
  • Do not trust online hunters safety courses unless they are offered or recommended directly by your state game commission. When in doubt, call your state game commission to ask.
  • Visit this site for links to each state’s local government to search for your game commission’s page 
  • Visit here for the humane society’s list of most state’s game, fish, or conservation agencies. Be warned, it’s not 100% complete, but it will help most people.
  • Enjoy the class, it’s not hard, and it will help you think more about how to hunt and how to be safe and successful.