Show Notes:

Getting your first hunting license is easy, if you know what you want to hunt. There are a lot of licenses, tags, and add-ons you can buy that can add up to a serious chunk of money and most new hunters have no use for all of them. In this episode we look at deciding what you want to hunt before you head to the store. 

Key Take Aways:

  • Think about the game in your area, what you want to hunt, have opportunity to hunt, and have equipment to hunt. Then buy only those tags.
  • You can always buy more tags later if the opportunity to hunt something comes up, but keep the cash in your pocket until it looks like you will actually be able to pursue that game.
  • Think about game that requires special tags, like antlerless deer, and handle those right away.
  • How to easily navigate the complex process of antlerless deer tags.
  • When in doubt, ask the game commission questions, they are often happy to help.