Show Notes:

Whether you can take two weeks off for deer season or you can only get out on two Saturday’s, time management is important. Maximizing your opportunities and minimizing fatigue and down time are important. On today’s episode I address the subject on the best times to hunt, a subject that is also directly connected with the best and worst times to scout.

Take Aways:

  • Hunting in the early morning is often the most fruitful. Try to get to your spot an hour before legal shooting hours begin to minimize the impact you entering the woods has on the deer.
  • Hunting at the end of the day is arguably the second most fruitful time. However, depending on the property and the deer patterns, this time could be the best for a specific area and herd.
  • The middle of the day usually has the least movement but deer do still move during the day, never give up and think it’s a waste.
  • Scouting during or close to the hunting season is best done in the middle of the day because you have the lowest chance of spooking deer and ruining the hunting area you are scouting.
  • The longer you can hunt the better your chances, but if you can only do a half day, you still can have great chances. Just try to either get there early, or stay there late.
  • Hunting the first half of the day often makes tracking and field dressing easier because you have plenty of daylight and you aren’t as worn out. This doesn’t help your chances any, but it is something to consider if you have to choose which time to hunt and you are unsure of the deer patterns in the area.