Show Notes:

Predator hunting, specifically coyotes, foxes, bobcats, etc., is a great pursuit for beginners and experienced hunters alike. It is so different from most types of hunting that both a seasoned deer hunter and a first time beginner can go out together and have a great time. The most effective time to hunt predators is right after sundown, which makes this an activity you can do any night of a week, even after work.  On this episode I cover the basic tactics and general approach to predator hunting.

Take Aways:

  • To do it right, you need a red LED spotlight, a call, a decoy, and a shooting stick. What you wear is less important, but camo or black will do fine.
  • Hunting right after dark is best because that is when coyotes, foxes, and bobcats are the most active and looking for food after laying low during the day.
  • Scouting in advance is important for hunting in an area where there are predators. The best things to look for are tracks, droppings, and bones from the last thing they ate.
  • Coyotes also are good for letting you know they are around because they will often howl, bark, and make noise that you can hear from far off. Ask people who live in the area if they have heard anything lately. Most farmers will be very keen to their presence because they tent to attack chickens, pets, and livestock.
  • Predators are prized for their fur, which is best in winter time. The skins make great trophies and you can often sell them to make extra cash to fund more hunting.
  • Coyote populations have boomed out of control across much of the country, making them a terrible menace because they kill off many other game animals. Cross breeding with wolves has made them large, hardier, and more destructive to other wildlife. Every coyote you take helps preserve wild game, livestock, and pets.