Show Notes:

I think many hunters have not discovered their favorite kind of hunting. Some have hunted for years and years and still not found what they enjoy most. They like hunting and they enjoy the game they pursue, but they have never ventured to hunt anything different and they do not realize there are other things that may be more enjoyable than what they are doing. On this episode we talk about making it a point to hunt something new this year, and finding a new exciting thing to do outside.

Take Aways:

  • Either think about a type of hunting you have always wanted to try or pick something you have never thought of before that is present in your state.
  • Pick a type of hunting that seems like it could be fun to go after.
  • Success is measured in the fun you have thinking about hunting, planning for the hunt, and walking through the woods. Taking game or not taking game cannot make you successful. If you take an animal and did not enjoy the hunt, you still did not succeed. 
  • Not every type of game requires a big investment to pursue, or at least to try. If funds are tight then pick something you already have the gear for, or that only requires a few small things.
  • Here are some less sought after game animals that are common, fun to hunt, have long seasons and can be pursued without a big investment: crows, woodchucks, coyotes, and doves. I would only recommend eating the doves though.
  • Decide that you are going to try something new even if no one is willing to go with you the first time. Don’t put your path in the hands of others. Be a leader. Chances are in time people will follow, especially if you are having fun.
  • There are many people in other countries that have never tasted the freedom we have to hunt. Don’t take that freedom for granted, use it and use it well.