Show Notes:

Predator hunting is one of the most unique and fun types of hunting you can do. The tactics and strategy are unique, everything about it is different. I think it is the best change of pace you could ask for to follow deer season.  In this episode we talk about the basics of predator hunting, when, where, what type of gear, general strategy, and tips to be successful.

Take Aways:

  • The best time to hunt most predators in most places is in the winter, and right after nightfall up until maybe midnight.
  • Summer is good too, but their fur is thickest in winter.
  • The three most hunted predators include coyotes, foxes, and bobcats. 
  • Coyotes are one of the most out of control nuisances in America that has far exceeded its native habitat and population and are devastating our nations game animals.
  • In many states you can hunt Coyotes 365 days a year, day or night.
  • You need three specialized items to really do it right, a red LED flashlight, a call, and a decoy.
  • This is a team sport, 2-3 people is best.
  • Its best to use smaller caliber centerfire rifles if you want to preserve the fur. The rule of thumb is to use the smallest caliber you can that you can accurate shoot at 200+ yards, a small sample of the many good calibers includes .223, 22-250, and 204 Ruger.
  • The basic approach is to arrive at your spot, setup your decoy and call, wait 15 minutes in silence, and start calling. Rotate calling one and off for as long as 30-45 minutes and then pack up and move on to the next spot if there is no action.
  • Use your red light to sweep the field until you see it illuminate a predators eyes, then never ever take the light off of them until you shoot or they run away.
  • Great book by master predator hunter Michael Huff: Understanding Coyotes: The Comprehensive Guide for Hunters, Photographers and Wildlife Observers