Show Notes:

The right turkey hunting gear is more important and more appreciated than in almost any other type of hunting. A turkey hunter must be fully concealed, warm, mobile, nimble, have access to a wide variety of tools, silent, flexible, and able to excel in unexpected circumstances. On today’s episode, I talk about what kind of gear is needed for a beginner, and what you can do without to get started.

Take Aways:

  • You need full camo from head to toe, or at least ankle.
  • Remember turkeys can see all colors, you must not wear anything bright!
  • Never ever wear red, blue or white. These are the colors that a gobbler’s head can have on them in the spring, every hunter in the woods is looking to shoot at things this color.
  • Go with light but sturdy footwear that you can cover ground in. And wear Toe Warmers if it’s cold.
  • Have a pair of light camo gloves and a heavier pair so you can adjust based on temperature.
  • Get a cheap Camo Face Shroud that can cover your head, ears, face and neck.
  • You do not need a turkey vest to get started, but you do need pockets in your coat/jacket and pants.
  • A small camo, brown, or black backpack is usually needed until you can get a turkey vest.
  • You must have a seat to sit on. For mobile hunting get a Cheap Light Ground Cushion or a Deluxe Ground Cushion with Back.
  • For stationary hunting get a nice folding Turkey Ground Chair.
  • Always make sure you have your hunting license, turkey tag, a knife, and some string to attach the tag.
  • Water is worthy of mentioning, you may cover a lot of ground and it’s easy to forget to hydrate.