Show Notes:

Spring turkey hunting is an adrenaline filled game of skill and quick decisions. One thing every new hunter must have to play the game is a turkey call, and preferably more than one. On today’s episode I help you parse through the endless variety of turkey calls to settle on the best two options for new hunters. 

Take Aways:

  • The more common types of calls include box calls, mouth calls, pot calls, push-pull calls, and wing bone calls. Each has a use and can be the right call in a particular circumstance.
  • Each call is an instrument, some take more practice to get proficient with, and some can do things others can’t. 
  • It is best to have at least two calls with you because not all birds will respond to every call, and some sounds are easier to make on certain calls.
  • I recommend you start by getting a couple cheap calls, after you get your feet wet you will then be able to decide what you like and what fits your style and you can invest in better calls then. 
  • The best call for beginners is the box call, I think it is the easiest call to make high quality turkey sounds at ideal volume levels.
  • The second best call for beginners is the pot call. These come in slate, glass, crystal, aluminum, and probably more.
    • The simple slate is the cheapest and easiest for beginners to make a good turkey sound with. Here is a beginners Slate Call
  • The third best call for beginners is the push-pull call. This is the easiest call to make turkey sounds with by far.
    • But often the volume isn’t high enough to reach birds that are far off and there is really no way to make it quieter or louder. That is the only real downside, without that one drawback this would be number one.
    • But for some people, this may be a better fit for your first call. Here is an example of a beginners Push-Pull Call
  • A mouth call is perhaps the most difficult to master and I recommend beginners do not even touch one unless or until you get some real hunting experience and decide to pursue the sport.


Box Call Example Videos


Slate Call Example Videos


Push-Pull Call Example