Show Notes:

Turkeys like all creatures are impacted by the weather, and with a little strategy you can improve your odds. On today’s episode I talk about all different types of weather and how they effect spring gobbler hunting.

Take Aways:

  • There is debate over what is best, sunny or cloudy. The bottom line is you should be in the woods for both!
  • Sunny and cloudy both impact concealment so you need to be mindful to adjust your approach for each.
  • Cold, crisp mornings, especially after an over all temperature drop seem to give a slight advantage over hot and muggy ones.
  • A little rain is ok, but pass if there is going to be a lot of rain, save your vacation days for clearer sky’s.
  • Turkeys will stay on the roost, bed down, or seek shelter if the weather is really bad, you should too!
  • Don’t trust the weatherman, spring weather if volatile. Do your own research and keep your finger on the pulse of the radar when things look questionable, you can lose a lot of nice days in the spring if you go with what the weather man tells you.
  • Wind is a major factor, it impacts your ability to hear turkey’s and lessens their ability to hear you.
  • If you are going to hunt in the wind, you will have to get closer and call louder, and adjust your overall strategy.
  • The weather is your friend, not your enemy. Use it to improve your odds by selecting days that are ideal and passing on days that questionable.
  • Tick spray is a good idea in the spring, especially if it’s warm. Apply liberally, scent control is not an issue with turkeys. Here is the spray I use.