Show Notes:

A turkey vest is not the type of gear that will make you a more successful hunting, but it can make you a more comfortable and a more organized hunter. On today’s episode I talk all about the features and benefits of turkey vests and my experience hunting with and without them.

Take Aways:

  • Turkey vests encourage you to pack light, travel light, and ultimately carry less gear which means it is less taxing to hunt.
  • They have lots of pockets specifically designed for the most common types of turkey calls.
  • The better vests are engineered so you can access your regular calls and seat with little to no noise. They can very much help stealth.
  • The ones worth buying have attached seats that flip down so you can setup anywhere and at any time.
  • Nice features to look for are a built in orange flag you can deploy, padded back, fabric covered magnets to hold things closed and keep things quieter, padded shoulder straps, and a game pouch for game birds (or water, sandwiches, umbrellas, or extra clothes.)
  • Here is the vest that I use, but it has been discontinued. You can find a similar one here. But don’t just buy one offline without trying it on and getting a feel for it in person.