Show Notes:

No matter how you prefer to hunt turkeys, it is good to have options for when things end up being different from the ideal situation. On this episode I cover several advanced strategies for hunting spring gobblers. These are not strategies I recommend you lead with, but they are extra tools in your toolbox to help you up your game.

Take Aways:

  • Roosting birds can be a great technique for hard to hunt gobblers, and/or when you have the time and knowledge of the landscape to keep tabs on where birds spend their time and where they fly up to sleep.
  • Moving and calling can be a good way to shake things up when a bird gets stuck. Moving a little further and playing hard to get can be a great approach, as can moving side-to-side and calling.
  • Decoys are often just as much liability as benefit, but in certain situations, like with picky toms, or outside of a blind at a fields edge they can be helpful for sealing the deal. Just make sure if you do get some, you get ones that really look like turkeys.
  • Out calling hens is an approach where you try to beat the other hens in the woods at their own game by sounding like an entire flock of turkeys yourself. It’s risky but it can be a way to win a distracted gobblers attention.
  • Ambush hunting involves using your knowledge of a toms habits or making the best use of the available terrain to out do a wary bird, or one that does not answer to any calls.