Show Notes:

When it comes to deer hunting, an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of hard work. In this episode I talk about simple and inexpensive trail camera strategies that can completely transform the way you hunt by saving you time and improving your odds of success.

Take Aways:

  • Trail cameras help you do four things.
    1. Know if deer are the area you are considering hunting. You can’t hunt what isn’t there.
    2. How many deer are in the area. This lets you know your odds of success.
    3. What kind of deer are in the area. Whether it’s bucks or does, big or small, you need to know. 
    4. WHEN deer are in the area, so you only hunt when deer are likely to be around.
  • Simple and inexpensive cameras are an ok place to start if you can find the perfect place to put and aim them.
  • Your camera MUST be able to date and time stamp each photo and you MUST set this up to get the full benefit.
  • Put your trail camera above a deer‘s eye level to reduce the odds they will see it.
  • Avoid a deer’s most likely line of sight.
  • Put cameras back from a trail so you don’t need to walk the trail to check them.
  • Here is mid range camera that I’ve had good success with. It can give you a sense of the features to look for. I got mine on sale, the sticker price is a little high.
  • Setup a camera in August and check it every 2-3 weeks. Stop checking at least 2 weeks before you plan to hunt.