Show Notes:

Few game animals can be hunted with such a large variety of firearms as woodchucks, aka groundhogs. On this episode I talk about the best guns to use for the job.

Take Aways:

  • Hands down, the best gun for hunting woodchucks is the one you already have. Start with that, learn to hunt them with the gear you have and then you can expand into other areas once you have some experience and know what you like.
  • If you are going to purchase a gun, or have a variety to choose from, I recommend a bolt action .233 Remington, followed in second place by a bolt action .243 Winchester.
    • The .223 has plenty of power, significant range, is safe in close range, low in cost, very common, and has many ammo choices. 
    • The .223 is also good for hunting hogs, coyotes, foxes, and many medium to small game animals with even the potential to be used on deer at close range.
    • The .243 has more power than you need, but many lower power rounds exist that are good for groundhogs and the rifle is excellent for deer, coyotes, hogs, and possibly even black bear.
    • The .223 is best for small to medium game, and the .243 is best for medium to some larger game, it depends on what else you want to use the rifle for.
  • If you are going to buy something, both of these rifles are very common and can often be obtained used at lower cost.
  • There are certainly other options out there and but for the BEGINNER, I believe these are best for the reasons stated above and more reasons are given during the episode.