Show Notes:

Some of the worst misinformation out there is that does and bucks are the same, live the same, and are in the same places.  On today’s episode I talk about how does live, how bucks live, and how you need to hunt them very differently.

Take Aways:

  • Does are social, patient, and forgiving creatures. They can coexist with lots of deer, animals, people, and hunting pressure.
  • Mature bucks are reclusive, wary, and keep a long list of transgressions. They do not like to be around many deer and have very little tolerance for people or anything man made.
  • Mature bucks and does don’t spend a lot of time together outside of the rut, and too many does will even push mature bucks away.
  • Even if they eat in the same fields, does and bucks will bed in different places, browse in different places, and even walk different trails.
  • If mature bucks are in your area, hunt them during early archery before they leave their regular areas in search of mating.
  • If you have no bucks on your trail cams at all, that may be perfect once gun season comes around because they may move into your area.
  • Even when bucks are on the run in search of does, they still want more cover and more privacy, so you may need to hunt them different even during the rut.