Show Notes:

The best treestand for a new hunter depends on several variables. You might have a strong preference, but knowing which situations call for which treestands will help you improve odds for success and have more fun in the woods. On today’s episode I talk about the three primary types of treestands and when/where they are the best options.

Take Aways:

  • Ladder Stands: These get their name from being integrated with their ladder into one piece. They are the most difficult to assemble and setup, but they are also the sturdiest, most permanent and can afford the most room for people and cargo.
  • Climbing Stands: These stands are basically climbing contraptions that let you inch your way up a tree and then sit using friction to hold you. They are the fastest to put up and the most flexible, but they can be the most difficult to use.
  • Hang-On Stands: These lightweight barebones stands use a simple strap and friction to hang onto a tree. They are light, portable, and are distraction free. They are also free of amenities.
  • Each of these stands has a scenario when they are the best option, and the worst option. Listen to the episode to find out more.