Show Notes:

There are a lot of elements that are the same between rifle and bow hunting but there are a few key differences that you must take into account to be successful with archery. On this episode I talk about the two biggest aspects that are critical for archery, and when I say archery I give specifics for both regular bows and crossbows.

Take Aways:

  • Concealment
    • For new archery hunters to successful, it is vital that you have concealment, either in a tree or a hunting blind.
    • Hunting from the ground is extremely difficult with a bow and not recommended as an effective strategy.
    • Get into a tree, nothing beats altitude when it comes to deer hunting. 
    • A hunting blind is a good plan B if you have no good trees or aren’t ready to get off the ground.
  • Range
    • The average crossbow has an effective range of about 50 yards.
    • Regular bows can be accurately shot by the average marksman to about 30 yards.
    • In either event, you want to setup 15-20 yards from where you plan for the deer to be.  
    • Never plan to take shots at your maximum range, even if you can make the shot at the range. The real world ads variables you do not experience at the range and you want some margin.
    • Be careful shooting at targets that are too close because of the steep downward angles needed.