Show Notes:

Archery season for deer can be as long as four months in some areas, while rifle season may be as short as two weeks. The number one thing deer hunters can do to spend more time in the woods is pick up a bow. On today’s episode I talk about why a crossbow is the best option for new hunters to extend their season.

Take Aways:

  • Crossbows are an easier entry point into the sport because they require less physical ability, skill, and practice than a regular bow.
  • Crossbows use similar skills to rifles meaning many hunters already have some familiarity with the technique.
  • Crossbows are easier to aim than regular bows, they have more range, and more power.
  • Crossbows can be less expensive than regular bows and rifles. I’ve used this modestly priced crossbow and it has everything a new hunter needs.
  • Crossbows create a level playing field for those with less than ideal physical size, strength, and stamina.
  • Most importantly, a crossbow is the easiest way to get you into the woods longer so you can enjoy hunting the days that have ideal weather, conditions, and placement in your busy schedule.