Show Notes:

Some deer hunting principles are universal and some apply more specifically to the rut. In this episode I share the story of a great hunt and the 5 strategies that enabled me to take a buck this year during the peak rut.

Take Aways:

    1. Location, Location, Location. Almost nothing matters more than where you decide to setup. But the strategies you use all year to judge a good location need to change for the peak rut.
    2. Habitat Improvements. Small efforts that have a small impact on deer movement can have a big pay off come the rut.
    3. Always Mind The Wind. The wind is the friend of those who consider it, and the it is the enemy of everyone else.
    4. Scent Control. Small, free, thoughtful actions can make the difference between a good hunt and empty woods. 
    5. Knowing when to be still and when to move. One wrong move can literally ruin a hunt, and even a whole day.