Show Notes:

When it comes to deer hunting, it is critically important for your bullet to deliver a clean and fast kill. The bullet matters for you and for the animal. On this episode I cover the basics of deer hunting bullets and what new hunters need to know.

Take Aways:

There are three major categories of deer bullets.

  • Cup and core bullets make up the majority of the market, and while there are many variations and proprietary features, the general concept is a jacket holds a lead bullet together to control its expansion and penetration. It is a good type of a bullet that will get the job done. The downside may be less power and accuracy at extreme range.
  • Ballistic tips are essentially plastic or polymer tipped and give you a more aerodynamic bullet that delivers more speed, less bullet drop, and better accuracy at long range. If there is a downside, it is that bullet expansion and penetration may vary a lot at short and long rang. The bigger issue is these kinds of bullets may lead hunters to think they are better long range marksmen than they really are…
  • Multi stage bullets have a forward section that provides quick expansion and a rear section that holds together to provide more penetration. These bullets are important and very effective for taking bigger game like elk, bear, or moose. They are generally more than you need for deer but they will of course work well.