There can be excellent opportunities to turn a deer hunt into a coyote hunt if you think outside of the box and take some basic principles into consideration. On this episode I talk about 3 ways to maximize your time and effort in the woods.

If coyotes are in the area or menacing an area you can convert any deer hunt to a coyote hunt. Simple awareness of the situation is all you need to make some small adjustments to your plan. You do not need to bring much extra gear to hunt predators while out deer hunting.

A simple call, be it a hand call, mouth call, or electric call can be all you need to lure a coyote into rifle range, whether you are in a tree or a hunting blind, or just sitting on the ground. You can easily keep one in your pocket for slow days or times where you spot a predator at a distance. 

People often get sidetracked thinking you need a special varmint rifle to hunting predators, and that could not be further from the truth. Any weapon that will take down a deer will also take down a coyote. You may do some damage to the pelt with a big bore rifle, but chances are you are not going to be overly concerned about selling it, else you would more likely be trapping them. 

Be mindful of your hunting plans, converting a deer hunt to a coyote hunt is best done if you do not plan to hunt deer in that area again in the near future.  Shooting a predator or calling too much for one can sour a spot for deer hunting. So if you are nearing the end of a hunt or an area is proving unprofitable, converting to a predator does not have many potential cons. But if it is your best deer spot you may want to hold off or at least wait until a time where you won’t be in the woods for a while afterwards. 

There is one tactic you can use to literally draw in deer and coyotes at the same time, and take whoever shows up first.

Always be mindful of your blaze orange regulations, many places require you to wear orange to hunt coyotes if it is during a particular deer season. Even if wearing orange is not required, it is a very good idea if you are on the ground and it is a firearms season. If you are in a tree the risk is a little lower but always mind your local hunting laws for you particular hunting jurisdiction. 

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