Show Notes:

You can successfully take a gobbler all season long, but things often change in the turkey woods as the season progresses. On this episode I talk about how you can improve your changes of success during the late season.

Take Aways:

  • Late season can be defined as the last week or last 10 days of the season, but in truth it is a moving target that has more to do with the weather than the calendar. The warmer the spring the earlier turkeys seem to do start and finish breeding in many areas.
  • Turkey’s become less vocal and more wary as the season goes on. So some of the tried and true strategies must change.
  • If toms won’t gobble you need to use other methods to locate them. They may still come in to calls but you have to get into ear shot of them one way or another for them to be able to hear.
  • The tried and true way to find a good area to hunt is by finding where turkey’s roost. This can involve evening scouting or looking for roost sign while you are in the woods during the day.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the five tactics you can use to be successful.