Show Notes:

Every man is created with a thirst for adventure. Deep on the inside, we come alive when we pursue those things that fan that flame. On this episode I talk about the soul of a hunter and how this passion can quite literally change lives.

Take Aways:

  • We were not created to live routine, predicable, and tame lives.
  • We are not wired to live life just yielding to the suggestions of others.
  • We will not find complete fulfillment in just meeting societies expectations in a neat and orderly way.
  • Most of your life exists in a framework that is ruled by opinions, positions, feelings, and fictions.
  • Something about getting outside connects us to something real, something solid and grounded.
  • Wild deer and turkeys have minds of their own, they do not behave according to people’s opinions, feelings, and political positions.
  • When we spend time in the wilderness we are cutting through the noise and clutter of our culture and society.
  • When we walk into the woods, we are getting alone with the creation, the creator, and with our own heart. Something rarely done anymore, and perhaps one of the reasons so few live truly fulfilled anymore.
  • Listen to this episode to hear what makes the soul of a hunter.