Show Notes:

How to break in a new gun or a new barrel is one of the most hotly debated topics on the internet. Fortunately, for those willing to venture off the internet, there are real answers to this question. On this episode I give practical, rational, evidence based advice for how to break in a new gun.

Take Aways:

  • Whether it is a new rifle, shotgun, or pistol, there is a wide range of break in protocols that people debate and implement. But which is the best and what is right for you?
  • New hunters do have different needs than some firearms users, but science is science and a proper break in procedure should be universal for all guns.
  • I gathered feedback on this question from multiple gunsmiths who each have 40-50 years of experience making and repairing guns. Hear their insights in the episode.
  • I contacted two of the largest and most reputable firearms manufactures in the country and asked them about this question, to see the break in procedures they recommend for their guns. I share their answers in the episode.
  • Download and listen to the whole episode to hear how to break in a new gun.