Show Notes:

Where you setup to hunt crows makes all the difference and determines not only if crows will come to you but if they will come close enough to shoot. On this episode I talk about the best types of places to setup in order to boost your odds of a successful crow hunt.

Take Aways

  • The two biggest factors for picking a good hunting location are acoustics and flight plane.
  • Crows will not come to your calls if they do not hear you, it is a 100% guarantee. Sure call volume is a factor but the sound needs to be able to travel to where the crows are.
  • Crows tend to fly above the tree tops along their approach, you need to consider if the trees are low enough to put you in range, or how you can modify your elevation to be within range when they come.
  • Concealment is also a big part of the hunt. Crows have great eyesight and you need to be well concealed. 
  • Wind can make it hard to call crows because the noise can drown out your calls.
  • Listen to the episode to hear about the 5 best areas for crow hunting.