Show Notes:

A trail camera is more than a tool, it is a hobby, a pursuit, and one of the most fun parts of hunting during the off season. On this episode I talk about the best things trail cameras can do for you to improve your deer hunt and your overall experience as an outdoorsman.

Take Aways

  • There are two major categories of benefits for game cameras, enjoyment and intelligence. You are using the camera to improve your hunt or to have fun, or both.
  • Game cameras do cost money, but they are the only peace of hunting gear you can enjoy year-round.
  • When it comes to trail cameras there are two most important features. No-glow or low-glow nighttime bulbs and warrantee.
  • An infra-red flash or white light nighttime flash will spook game and cause problems. Avoid these cheaper camera types.
  • The number one issue with trail cameras is that they break, deteriorate, and just don’t last more than a couple years. Having a good warrantee both assures that the camera will perform for a minimum amount of time and that the overall function of the camera will be good.
  • Companies do not put good warrantees on junk cameras. If the warrantee is good, you can assume the technical specs of the camera will be good enough as well.

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