Show Notes:

In many traditions doe hunting has been frowned upon, but the reasons for that simply do not hold up under scrutiny. On this episode I examine and debunk several of the core issues that have held people back from the fun and benefits of hunting whitetail does.

Take Aways

When many people think about deer hunting they think about hunting bucks. Generations of tradition have ingrained this thinking but it is based on several flawed premises:

  • There are not enough whitetail deer in the woods so we need to save the herd by saving the does – False
  • If it wasn’t for people, there would be more deer in the woods – False
  • There are not enough bucks or not enough big bucks, if we pass on does then there will be more bucks – False
  • When they allocate doe tags, the game commission is telling us how many does the herd can survive without – False
  • Does are too easy to hunt and they are not sporting game – False
  • Does do not have enough meat on them to be worth taking – False
  • Does are not fun to hunt – False
  • Does are not trophies – False

Listen to the episode to hear how many of these anti-doe hunting myths are easily debunked.