Show Notes:

Every year October comes and many hunters begrudgingly suffer poor hunt after poor hunt at the hands of the mysterious “October lull”. On this episode I  shine some light on the mystery  and provide some strategic insight to help you be successful all month long.


  • The October lull is a thing.
  • It is NOT what most hunters claim it to be.
  • It is 100% understandable and controllable.
  • Three big things happen in October that impact whitetail deer habits and patterns.
    • Lots of hunters are going into the woods.
    • There is a seasonal habitat shift.
    • Deer begin to get their winter coats.
  • You can have great hunts in October.
  • Even still, October may not be the month you want to focus all of your energies.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the full story.