Show Notes:

For many, hunting is a seasonal pleasure. But it has the potential to be a year-round pursuit, even when you are not in the woods chasing game. On this episode I talk about cultivating the joy of the year-round hunt.

Simple ways to enjoy whitetail deer hunting even during the off season:

  • Scouting and checking trail cameras to see what deer survived the hunting season.
  • Watching movement and feeding patterns in winter when cover is sparse in the woods.
  • Looking for new tree stand locations during the winter when cover better resembles its fall state.
  • Checking trail cameras to see what deer survived the winter.
  • Hunting for antler sheds.
  • Planting clover or other food plots.
  • Watching anthers grow via trail cameras over the spring and summer.
  • Creating habitat improvements.
  • Studying summer and fall movement patterns to help direct hunting locations.
  • Shopping for gear on Black Friday and after Christmas when deals abound.
  • Mounting antlers, tails, or your trophies of choice.
  • Talking about hunting and sharing stories.
  • Thinking about past hunts and anticipating new ones.
  • Practicing with your rifle and/or bow.
  • The list goes on and on!