Show Notes:

Calling predators takes a measure of skill and discipline no matter what tool you use. Electronic calls can be an easier path to success but manual calls do have some benefits that are exclusive to them. On this episode I talk about not just picking the best type of call but how you can up your game when it comes to calling coyotes, foxes, and more.

Electronic Calls:

  • Are way easier to start with
  • Are fast and easy to use
  • Save your lungs and energy
  • Have a massive variety of sounds you can use
  • Are more expensive
  • Require batteries
  • Are only semi-weather resistant

Manual Calls:

  • Are harder to learn
  • Take time and practice to master
  • Require much more energy and focus to use
  • Are small and easy to transport
  • Have no batteries or electronics to mess up
  • Are dynamic and flexible
  • Add realistic variation to your calling