Show Notes:

It doesn’t take rocket science to improve the ability of your land to draw and hold more deer. On this episode I talk about the cheap three-step process that I used to increase the number of deer on the small property that I hunt by over 660% from one year to the next.

Take Aways

  • I measured the increase of deer activity using the same camera, pointed at the same spot, during the same exact time period from last year to this year.  And no, this camera was not over new food or bait, it was a trail.
  • Assuming you have or could borrow a week-wacker, swing blade, sheers, a hand saw, and a spreader, you could do everything I did for a total budget of less than $100. You might even be able to do it for less than $50.
  • I did three main things starting in March:
    1. Improved deer’s ability to move around the property in a strategic way.
    2. Added focus points to define deer movement.
    3. Planted a super cheap and small staging plot of perianal forage.
  • Listen to the episode for all the details and to hear about the even more impressive increase in bucks and mature bucks.