Show Notes:

The best time to scout for whitetail deer hunting locations is usually right after the season you plan to hunt them. On this episode I talk about why post season scouting is ideal and how you can make the most of your scouting to improve your chances for success next year.

Take Aways

  • Deer patterns shift seasonally as cover, bedding, and food sources change.
  • When scouting you need to ask the question “where will the deer be when I plan to hunt them” instead of just trying to find where they are today.
  • Early winter scouting helps you identify deer habits and habitat as they were during the hunting season.
  • Pre-season and or mid season scouting can spook deer and push them to other hunters.
  • If possible, you want to make your hunting area a haven for deer after you have finished hunting, so they have a safe place to survive the rest of the season