Show Notes:

There are a lot of great things about eating venison; the thrill of the hunt, knowing where your meat comes from, the satisfaction of besting a deer in its element to provide for your family, and more. The flavor and quality of the food you put on your table can and should be near the top of that list. On this episode I talk about how to tenderize venison and share some of the preparation and cooking methods that can also help improve tenderness. 

Take Aways

  • Venison is not beef. Do not cook it like beef. do not treat it like beef. Do not try to turn it into beef.
  • Do not compare tough cuts of venison with tender cuts of beef. Each animal has its tender cuts and its tough cuts, and each cut can be prepared well.
  • Tenderness is a factor of field care, butcher care, freezer to fridge care, meal prep, cooking method, and doneness.
  • Do all of those just half decently and your will be impressed with what is possible.
  • Popular meal prep tenderization methods include; soaking meat in milk, buttermilk, olive oil and wine, vinegar, and similar fluids.
  • These methods take the most time and produce the smallest results.
  • Listen to the episode for the top tenderization techniques and tips to get the most out of your venison.