Show Notes:

Navigating the woods in search of game is an involved pursuit. Navigating other hunters can further add to the difficulty of the sport. On this episode I talk about how to deal with other hunters to maximize both your chances of success and theirs.

Take Aways

  • The one big thing is that game is most often found where hunters are absent. If you are too close to other hunters then you can improve your odds by distancing yourself.
  • If you see other hunters from a distance, the best thing to do is often turn around and look for an area without other hunters.
  • If other hunters approach you, your best chance of success is often to withdraw and look for a place with less hunting pressure.
  • Parking lots are great places to chat with other hunters. Deep in the woods is not a great place for talking.
  • Always have a backup plan, and maybe more than one, incase the area you plan to hunt has too many other hunters around.
  • Often the best thing you can do is just go further into the woods than other hunters are willing to go.
  • If you suspect other hunters are in the area, be doubly cautious about using a firearm or getting downrange of someone else.
  • Listen to this episode for real examples, stories, and more precise advice.