Show Notes:

Hunting turkeys on small parcels requires different strategy and technique to maximize your chances of success. On this episode I share practical step-by-step tips on how to make the most of small property gobbler hunts.

Take Aways

  • Turkeys do not know how big your parcel is or where the borders are, they are the same birds, what changes are your options for how you can hunt them.
  • You are not limited to the turkeys that are on your property, in fact your best chances could involve calling turkeys over from neighboring properties.
  • Scouting for birds uses the same principles but with a different approach for small areas. Look and listen for turkeys on nearby properties where your calls can reach but your boots are prohibited. 
  • Because turkey hunting is a close range sport, and your goal is to get birds within 30 yards, you likely have more areas and corners of a small property that are huntable than you might realize. 
  • Consider using a bow or crossbow if you are close to other buildings, this helps with safety and makes you less obvious and alarming if you take a shot.
  • Turkey habitat changes as the season goes on, it may improve or get worse as cover and food sources change. Just because there are no birds near your property today does not mean there wont be any in a week or two.
  • Don’t call the same way on a big property as a small one, you do not have the luxury of walking to a new area where the birds haven’t heard you. Less is usually better.
  • Scouting for setup locations is different for small properties, there are a few advantages available to you.
  • Think outside the box, some unconventional practices might be reasonable to try, simply because your options are limited.
  • Even if you only have a couple acres, you can still move a little to make your calling more realistic, especially if you are hunting from the same spot day-after-day.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the tips and strategies for hunting turkeys on small properties