Show Notes:

Calling a gobbling turkey to you is the main way to hunt these birds, but that does not mean you should never move from your position. On this episode I talk about times when moving can help boost your chances of calling a turkey to you.

Take Aways

  • Turkey hunting is most often an active sport because hen turkeys are constantly in motion. So if you move you are actually becoming more realistic.
  • Never move when a bird is close and coming to you, there is a time to move and a time for perfect stillness.
  • Even on small properties, there are times where small movements can make the difference.
  • If you call a lot, it can hurt you to stay in one spot. Hens just don’t do that.
  • Turkey hunting is like a dance at times, you move, they move, you move, they move, and hopefully you get the tom to work closer and closer.
  • Dress to move, pack light, and be nimble on your feet.
  • A little noise is ok. Turkeys make noise when they walk, and if a gobbler thinks you are a turkey then he will expect you to make a little noise when you move.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the 5 times you should move on a gobbling bird.