Show Notes:

Turkey decoys are all the rage, and just like any tool there are times they are right for the job. But on this episode I look at times when decoys are very much the wrong tool for the job and can even cost you the hunt.

Take Aways

  • Decoys are like a screw driver, they have a few focused uses. But they cannot be the only tool you use.
  • Decoys are a big industry and have great marketing, but even a gold plated screw driver still only has a few useful applications.
  • In the real world you need to be concerned with how other animals interact with your decoys, not just how turkey’s like them.
  • If you hunt on public land, decoys could attract other hunters as much or more than turkeys.
  • Weather plays a part and can effect decoy appearance and behavior.
  • Many people change the way they hunt to be less focused on taking gobblers and more focused on how to best use decoys…
  • Jake decoys and tom decoys may turn off more birds than they attract, especially later in the season.
  • Listen to the full episode to here the 3 times turkey decoys do more bad than good, and stay turned for a bonus situation or two.