Show Notes:

There are many ways to hunt ducks and each has a time and place where it is effective. But most people only have the right conditions, gear, and access to implement a few different approaches. On this episode I cover four big strategies for hunting in different conditions to help get you started.

4 Duck Hunting Strategies

  1. Jump Hunting – This is essentially stalking ducks on foot, trying to get the jump on them. This is difficult to do but it requires the least amount of gear and money to get started with.
  2. Field Hunting – Here you are looking for feeding areas where you can setup with land decoys, a blind, and calls. It is similar to water hunting but you don’t need any water gear. However most new hunters do not have access to cut grain fields that would be ideal for this.
  3. Water Hunting – This is the number one way most new hunters will get into the sport. Setting up a good hide next to some water with floating decoys while trying to call ducks into you. Tried and true. 
  4. Boat Hunting – If you have kayak or canoe you can get into marshy areas and setup decoys in order to hunt from your boat or you can stash your boat and sit or stand in reeds and thick cover and try to call them into your decoys from there.