Show Notes:

Shotguns and shells are essential tools for duck hunting, there is no way to do it without them. Because of this, it is a very crowded market and there are many options out there. On this episode I talk about how to select a shotgun for waterfowl hunting, and perhaps more importantly how to navigate the massive duck hunting ammunition industry. 

Take Aways

  • The best gun to hunt ducks with is the shotgun you already have or can easily borrow. Start with that and use your money for other essentials.
  • The second best shotgun is the cheapest one you can find used at a gun shop or gun show.
  • The third best is the new one that is the easiest for you to operate and shoot well
  • The gauge, choke, and general shell power level can vary based on your preferences and physical size. I tend to point most people towards a 12 gauge with modified choke using 3″ shells. But there is no one size fits all.
  • When it comes to ammo, waterfowl shells typically use steel, bismuth, or tungsten. The effectiveness and cost of those shells can vary greatly.
  • In the episode I talk about each type of shot along with the science and practical take aways to help you pick what is best for you. 

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