Show Notes:

Goose hunting is a fun and exciting pursuit in its own right. Yet many of the strategies and tactics are similar to duck hunting. On this episode I focus on what is unique about hunting geese, and how you can find and apply general duck hunting methodologies as well.

Take Aways

  • When I talk about goose hunting, I am talking in the most general sense but still focusing on Canada geese since they seem to be the most prevalent for the largest number of new hunters.
  • The same four core duck hunting strategies apply to goose hunting but there are differences, some work better than others for geese and some are more expensive than others!
  • Goose hunting often occurs at somewhat further range than duck hunting, there are practical and technical reasons for this, though I would not go into it thinking this is supposed to be long range hunting by any means.
  • Geese are bigger than ducks, much bigger. Do not try to catch a falling goose out of the air. It is a very dangerous proposition!
  • For beginners tips on how to hunt waterfowl in general, listen to the last 15 or so episodes I have done on duck hunting.
  • For how strategies and tips specific to goose hunting, listen to this episode!