Many deer hunters walk into the woods lacking one of the most important things possible. Today it is possible to not just protect your hearing but boost it back to the level it should be, enjoy the sounds of the hunt, all while amplifying the unique sounds that deer make in the woods. On this episode I talk with Bill Dickinson, a life-long hunter, doctor, and co-founder of an amazing outdoor company that is changing hunters lives.

Take Aways

  • The Tetra’s do 3 main things
    1. Enable you to hear perfectly normal while instantly protecting your hearing whenever you take a shot.
    2. Amplify the hearing of those who have damaged hearing.
    3. Boost the sounds that deer make in the woods so you can hear them louder, clearer, and from further away.
  • Even archery hunters benefit from the Tetra’s. If they have damaged hearing they can once again hunt hearing everything. And both those with damaged and perfect hearing gain the ability to hear deer specific sounds louder and from further away.
  • Gun hunters gain even more benefit from instant hearing protection whenever a shot is taken, plus the Tetra’s boost the sound of deer footfalls in the leaves on the forest floor, giving even more advantage for hearing deer from further away.
  • The Tetra’s draw from cutting edge hearing aid technology with proprietary capabilities to boost game specific sound patterns while filtering out sounds you do not want to hear, like wind. They can be programmed for deer, turkey, waterfowl, elk, and more.
  • Those with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can apply those funds towards the purchase of Tetra devices.
  • Hearing loss is cumulative over time. Every shot taken potentially harms your hearing a little, for some it causes more harm.
    • Research shows that some people’s hearing can take more of a beating while other people lose their hearing faster. But sometimes even those with robust hearing are unexpectedly just one gunshot away from partial deafness
  • Bill, who is a doctor of audiology, co-founded a company called Tetra Hearing with the express goal of not just protecting people’s hearing, not just preserving the experience and sounds of the hunt, but also enhancing your ability to hunt better.
  • Every device is tuned to match your personal hearing levels and ranges.

You can learn more about Bill’s work and company by visiting and you can take a free hearing test to help assess your current condition. 

(Disclaimer, there are no affiliate links, no commissions or kick backs, I do not make a dollar if you purchase anything. I genuinely and strongly believe in the work Bill is doing)