Scent control plays a crucial role in almost every deer hunt. But how far should you go to cover up your scent? How far is too far? On this episode I talk about serious but realistic and practical ways to control your scent without spending much money or doing things that are crazy.

Take Aways

  • Think about the obvious first, the more a person smells the further away you can smell them. The same is true with deer, they can just smell us from much further away.
  • If we can reduce the odor of our bodies and gear we produce less scent and can be less alarming to deer, especially at further range.
  • You CANNOT eliminate all human scent, it is not possible. Do not try to chase that idea. If you breathe, you will be putting scent into the air endlessly.
  • Scent control needs to be practical and reasonable. If you can easily and cheaply reduce your scent, that is a benefit.
  • All scent control attempts pale in comparison to hunting the wind well. Nothing matters more than the wind, and there is no close second.
  • There are 2 main types of scent you leave in the woods, scent where you have been and scent where you are. Whitetails respond to each differently and both need to be controlled.
  • If you can reduce or eliminate your scent trail, you will spook far fewer deer and exert less hunting pressure on the land.
  • If you can play the wind right, you can effectively eliminate the scent of where you are in the woods.
  • Everything we do other than the wind is only to help improve our odds when the wind behaves unpredictably or things do not go according to plan.
  • Plan A is the wind. Plan B is everything else.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the 5 serious but reasonable tips for scent control.