One of the top complaints deer hunters have is that they went out and didn’t see any whitetails. That will happen to everyone from time to time, but it should not be the norm. On this episode I talk about how hunting deer sign instead of speculation can drastically improve your chances of seeing game.

What is deer hunting speculation?

  • This looks like a great place for deer.
  • If I were a deer I would go here.
  • This spot is close to food.
  • That area looks like it would be a great bedding area.
  • Deer should love this cover.
  • Whitetails probably love all this open space.
  • I can see from really far here.
  • There is a great field of view here.
  • Deer should be here.

What is deer hunting sign?

  • Deer tracks in real dirt.
  • Deer droppings.
  • Fresh buck rubs on small trees.
  • Recently used scrapes and licking branches.
  • Personal deer sightings.
  • Trail camera photos and videos.
  • Recently used deer trails.
  • Recently used deer beds.
  • Hearing deer grunts, bleats, or other sounds in the area.

Every time you sit down in the woods it should be because of deer sign, not speculation. Speculation is what prompts you to look for sign, not what gives you sufficient evidence to invest time sitting there.

Listen to the episode to hear how to multiply your odds of seeing deer.